The owners are: Mrs. Virginia Linkous, a 25+ year retired teacher with a Masters Degree in Education, Mrs. Elsa Cruz, a US Army Veteran and a 14 year teacher with a Bachelors Degree in Education, and Mrs. Deborah Pratts, an independent insurance agent and a former stay at home mom with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computers and Accounting. Along with their third sister and investor, Mrs. Marisol Goodman, they love children and truly care about their education.

Virginia Linkous


Deborah Pratts


Elsa Cruz


Marisol Goodman



Celeste Suttmiller

Assistant Director

Alicia Kindberg

Crystal Yester

Karson Taylor

Kenya Alexander

Liry Chang

Mara PiƱa

Maresmy Cubillas

Maria Soriano

Nubia Suarez

Samantha Evans

Shirley Gutierrez

Vania Ortega-Garcia

Yasbelyn Hernandez

Yesenia Perez

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