Learning a second language has a lifetime of benefits.

preschool spanish class tampa

Beginning Spanish by Symtalk Level 1 and 2: Mis Primeros Pasos (My First Steps) is offered at Primavera Preschool during the months of September through May 15th. Our goal is to enrich your child’s early educational life experience through learning a second language that will have a lifetime of benefits.

Studies show knowing two languages has economic, social, and communicative benefits. Learning at an early age boosts cognitive skills such as problem solving, improved listening skills, ability to learn new words and information quickly among other life skills. Learning a second language at an early age is much easier than for adults. The critical time to boost your child’s brain development is under the age of 5. Experts also claim that the best age for learning a second language through classes / sessions are after age 2+.

This workbook, Symtalk is a curriculum that starts with level one, and goes all the way through high school. It uses pictures, or symbols that stand for words or expressions. Through repetition, your child will learn to speak in complete sentences from day 1. Ms. Ginny Linkous, one of the owners of Primavera Preschool will be the tutor for this class. She is a retired Spanish Teacher with the Florida Department of Education. She has an M.A. in Foreign Language (Spanish).

The tutoring will be given once per week except the last week of the year. Payments may be made monthly through the Tuition Express, check or cash. The cost is only $40 and will be billed to your account at the beginning of each month.

Please see one of the office staff to sign up.