Who We Are

We believe in quality early education

We believe giving a quality early education to the children we teach today, will determine the quality of our future leaders that have the potential to bring something unique and special to this world we live in. We promise to help them develop their full age appropriate potential by believing and expanding their capabilities and developing a sense of respecting what it means to learn, to accept and to embrace the differences in our multicultural world. Our role is to give children the tools with which to successfully cultivate their gardens of knowledge. Our educational curriculum is approved by the Early Learning Coalition. It involves the interests of the children and makes learning relevant to life, which incorporates theme, integrated units, individual/group, and hands on learning to make children active learners. Primavera Preschool believes there is nothing GREATER than a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT and the SATISFACTION of a job WELL DONE! We warmly welcome you to the Primavera family.